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股份名称:中矿华沃 股份代码:430116
  • Telephone:  18610257242

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    Fax:          010-51734872-810

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    USA Liaison:   1-402-884-4768

    Canada Liaison:  1-747-1498

    Australia Liaison: +61-39522-5333



Mainfounding shareholders have thirty years of work experience and overseasexperience in mines, the main designers have rich experience in the practice ofthe mine, the company has a strong sense of innovation, brave in exploitation,unity and progress of high education, high level of management and developmentof technical personnel, the company employees nearly 100 people, of which 90%have bachelor degree or above, a postdoctoral fellow at 2 people, 10 people, DrMa 15 people。Company and administration of national security informationinstitute, coal science research institute, China university of mining, Chinauniversity of mining &technology (Beijing), shenhua group, China coal groupand other scientific research institutes, large and medium-sized institutionsand national large and medium-sized mining enterprises maintained a long-termscientific research and academic cooperation, and jointly undertake nationalministry of science and technology major scientific research project.At thesame time, the company continues to employ a large number of domestic andforeign expert advisory group.